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The OFFROADCENTER-AUSTRIA team consists almost entirely of off-road enthusiasts and very experienced technicians, who not only rebuild vehicles, but also drive in their spare time off-road tours and trophies and thus bring over decades of practical experience with them.

After more than 20 years of vehicle parts import from the USA, we end this, means we import no landing gear, Jeep parts and no offroad accessories more for our customers, but provide the 20 years of know-how in import import and give all the insider knowledge to all JEEP , Dodge, Chevrolet etc ..... enthusiastic Austrians, Germans, Swiss, here as a platform in the future, so that they can cost-effectively import their parts themselves in the US.

Here we work closely with our suppliers, some of which are 20 years old, also with our parcel service so that the transport on the conditions is also available to all off-roaders and they no longer have to buy from the EU-Rretailer, but even on the best terms can shop directly in the US and save up to 50% on costs.

The portal is in full operation by the end of October !!

Do not worry that now in Austria, the US parts importers starve to starve one way or the other. The government already takes care of that. Look in the future only on your purse, that you will not take out too much. To save you a lot of money, you get here all the valuable insider tips and contacts, as well as the experience that we have acquired in 20 years.

On this future portal .......

We list all reputable US parts suppliers including contact persons we have had for years

Let's list the discounts we are currently negotiating with suppliers for you

We list the delivery conditions for the parcel services and forwarding agencies that we have used ourselves for some 20 years
and much more...

A component in the USA is not the same component, where one US supplier gets cheap China scrap for little money, the other with discount for the same in a very good US quality. It takes years to filter out these dealers / suppliers, but you do not recognize them on their homepage. In 20 years, so to speak, we have "separated the wheat from the chaff" and show you here the dealers in the USA, whom you can trust. Since we have done business with these for some 20 years, we know that their products are 100% OK. We let you look behind the scenes on this portal, so to speak.